2023 2nd International Conference on Energy Internet and Power Systems (ICEIPS 2023)
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ICEIPS 2023 welcomes original and unpubliahed manuscripts. All manuscripts invited or contributed, will be reviewed by two or three experts from the committees. After a careful reviewing process, manuscripts should be submitted to journals which are EI compendex indexed. 

Topics of interest for submission include but are not limited, other related topics can also be submitted.

01. Energy Technology, Utilization and Development

  • Clean energy technologies (wind energy utilization technology, solar energy utilization technology, hydrogen energy utilization technology, fuel cell technology, lithium battery technology, smart grid, tidal turbine technology, etc.)

  • Energy development technologies (green energy development technologies, natural gas hydrate development technologies, renewable energy development technologies, geothermal energy and hydrogen energy development technologies)

  • Energy storage technology (electrochemical energy storage technology, electromagnetic energy storage technology, mechanical energy storage technology, thermal energy storage devices, hybrid energy storage technology, new energy vehicles, etc.)

02. Energy Internet

  • Energy Network

  • Energy Router

  • Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Energy Internet

  • Information Physical Systems and Information Security for the Energy Internet

  • Energy Internet Technology

  • Energy Efficiency

  • Regional Energy Internet, Regional comprehensive energy systems

  • Source-grid-load-storage Coordination Dispatch

  • Energy Internet Key Equipment and Demonstration

  • Information Technology in the Energy Internet

  • Big data & AI

  • IoT and digital twin

03. Electricity Systems

  • Electric Motors and Drives

  • Power Converter

  • Electric Battery and BMS

  • Smart Grid Power Transmission and Distribution

  • Noise, Vibration, EMI and EMC

  • Power Quality

  • Power System Analysis

  • New Power System Technologies

  • Power Systems and it's Automation

  • Power System Modeling, Simulation and Analysis 

  • Power System Planning and Scheduling

  • Power System Protection, Operation and Control

  • Power System Reliability and Security

  • Power System Stability

  • Power IoT

  • Measurement Technology and Instrumentation

  • MEMS-Microsensors and Structures

  • Sensors and Micro Machines

  • Transmission and Distribution Systems and Equipment

  • Electric Drives

  • Electrotechnical Materials

  • Electric Traction Systems and Control

  • Intelligent Control Systems

  • Intelligent Systems and Methods

  • Inverter and Converter Technology